Q: What is Madhur Milan?

A: Madhur Milan is an Indian Matrimonial service for the Indians which caters to matchmaking for the Agarwal, Jain, Maheshwari and Khandelwal’s.

Q: There are already plethora of websites offering the similar services.What makes Madhur Milan unique?

A: All the matrimonial sites provide general features such as  creating user profiles, browsing for matching partner profiles, sending / receiving messages to/ from other members but at madhur milan we believe in customizing the experience of the client according to its need. We have packages which are not static and can be customized to any extent. Also, most of the matrimonial websites are way too expensive for everyone to afford but the importance of the marriage is the same in everyone’s life. So, we offer highly economical packages, without compromising on the quality, for the client base so that they don’t have to compromise on most important day of the life. That’s our philosophy and that’s what our professional team lives by.


Q: How do madhur milan incorporate modern day technologies?

A: To begin with madhur milan is not a website but a premium App and having a dedicated app for your services is most happening trend in the technical world today. User experience is our top priority so, the app is available on all the major mobile platforms. The app is built with latest web technologies with the security of the client’s data in mind and at top priority.

Q: How can I contact the team if I have any problems?

A: Well, this is easy because providing a great customer service is our top priority. You can simply contact us by following the ‘contact us’ link in the app or by calling on the number given during the office hours. Any issues you have, we will try to resolve at the earliest.

Q: How can I recover my password if I lost it?

A: This is again simple. Open the app and follow the link which says ‘’Forgot my password’’. The link will guide you through the necessary steps in order to reset your password. The process is seamless and will take only few minutes to provide you with the new password.


Q: How can I recover my profile id if I lost it?

A: Open the app and click on ‘forget my id’. The link will guide you through the necessary steps in order to regain access to your id. The process is seamless and will take only a few minutes.


Q: I have forgotten the email id I have registered with. What should I do?

A: For this, you will have to contact us personally and provide relevant information about yourself such as:

— Your profile ID

— Your first name used in the registration

— Your last name used in the registration

— Your date of birth mentioned in the profile


If the team is convinced that you are the person you are claiming to be then its okay otherwise you will have to provide more information to establish that you are indeed the person you claim to be.

Q: How long does it take to account get active after I have registered?

A: All the accounts are approved by the Administrator and once you have created the profile it takes 24 hours for our team to verify your identity. Sometimes it may take even more time. We know its a lot of time but security and experience of the client is what matters the most.

Q: I created my profile but it got rejected. Why?

A: All the details you provide while creating your account must be genuine and your profile needs to be in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned in the app. Members of the app are only likely to give importance to the properly verified profiles.

Q: I have made some changes but they are not visible. Why?

A: Any changes you made needs to be verified and approved by the administrator following the policies of the app. Other members are likely to give priority to the profile which is filled properly and clearly.

Q: I have uploaded my photo but it is not visible. Why?

A: Again for the best user experience, the picture needs to verify by the administrator and may take some time.

Q: I am unable to send message to other members. Why?

A: To send a message to other members check the following conditions:

— You need to have a paid account

— The member you are sending the message to has not blocked you.

If you still have problems then you need to contact our support team to resolve the issue.

Q: Can I use the same email id to make more than one profiles?

A: No all profiles on the madhur milan required to have unique emails associated with them. I case you need to create more than one ID then you will need unique email addresses for both the ids.

Q: Is phone number necessary for the registration?

A: Yes, it is needed as it helps in establishing the trust that the person is authentic and phone number can also be used to recover lost ID and lost the password.

Q: What are benefits of the paid membership?

A: Apart from getting the benefits of the free membership plan, the following are some of the additional benefits of paid plans:

— Message to the other members

— Paid members can see the contact details of the other members for free

— Paid members can see the complete details of the other members

— Search algorithm of the app gives top priority to the paid members

— Ability to add more pictures

— And many more such benefits are reserved exclusively for the paid members

Q: What are the payment options available on the app?

A: The app accepts all the major online payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc. So payment is not an issue and the process is hassle free.

Q: What about my data in the app?

A: At madhur milan we are committed to keep the data of the client safe and have a dedicated security team whose sole task is to prevent your data from the malicious hackers.

Q. How Madhur Milan is Different from other matrimonial websites?

Madhur Milan is very good in organizing and catering, highly specialized and have basic levels of requirements very experience in the matrimonial industry, serving a high profile businessman like Mr. JM Agarwal and his Associates highly caters to the needs of people and attending to packages as a professional presentation. These packages are available on Madhur Milan therefore for registration process and membership you can update with Madhur Milan website and be a part of the team. There are basically many questions related to knowing the professional It is a profound matrimonial website featuring and creating the profile, browsing, matching the profiles of each other and also sending and receiving the message from family members. The features of madhur milan are added for making it more exciting for all the members having a good experience for a measure of the online Matrimonial website and providing top class services with latest technologies and smartphone Technologies where the members can experience a highly different and amazing website for connecting with each other.

Forgotten password registration number and also the email ID, what are the necessary measures to recover

These are commonly asked questions and the answers are very specific. Forgetting the password you have to allow to access to your email id which you have registered with Madhur Milan go and send that email id or password to your name so that you can recover which your password of Madhur Milan however in order to get registration and email ID you have to visit the account menu, select profile view click on the link and profile ID will be displayed on your profile photo. And for registration of email ID, you have to contact with relevant information which is available for contacting with different options and the customer relation will help in informing the details and get proof about the identity. These are some of the basic questions that are frequently asked.

feedback and presentation the general questions that are enquired about before the settlement are of-

The economic package of Madhur Milan

While in Madhur Milan the package includes preparation of biodata, shortlisting, and assign relationship getting the details and particular requirements of all members and thereafter receiving the approval from both sides. This economic package helps the interested people to know more about the terms and condition, and also the detail fact about the whole process before further proceedings.

There are also confidential and economic package included in the presentation where the professional meet the members. After acknowledging the professional, collect the biodata so that under the guidance of professionals, the profiles are then shortlisted and preferably given approval from both the sides. However, all the information are kept confidential before the members get the consent of shortlisting the biodata and the basic information is shared with the family members.

Moreover if both the families agree to all the references and give satisfactory results then as per the requirement the professional match the biodata and explore with the members. There also dates of registration and coordinating of the members where after they are informed about the further proceedings involving the entire dispatch. 

In future we have Vedic astrology packages will be available, Where details are given matching the profiles by the renowned Astrologer available and give prediction with a prior appointment for both the families. Astro advice is also available and it is provided which adds to the extra value added services from Madhur Milan.

the members of both the families and with their prior appointments meet each other, the professionals send biodata to both the families. The designated relationship assigning all the details and requirements to both the family members. After receiving the approval from both families a regular feedback is given and a meeting is settled at a certain place before the real proceedings take place, this meeting is very important for both the families to know each other as they come from a different background.

Q. How profiles are shortlisted at madhur milan?

This website has many reviews regarding the matchmaking, it shows that the profiles were shortlisted and successfully both the partners with the help of the professionals from got to meet each other and then the families got connected and preceded further with necessary information. It is one of the best matrimonial sites where you can experience considerate effect by providing your biodata and all the necessary details, you can also have a better experience of matchmaking through our customized matchmaking facility.

We provide the best matchmaking by providing initiatives and genuinely focusing on making it more exciting by providing the accurate information to both the families. The team members effortlessly try to fulfill the requirements of both the families and requirement you have been looking for. It is a genuine website very Cooperative and concentrates on providing the best and amazing services.

Try experiencing multiple starts up, and in the Indian wedding market spending a huge amount for planning, and also lowering the hazards of finding the right person. Their service is also very effective connecting to the families of bride and groom possibly incredible networks and ultimate wedding planner providing luxury designers and choreographers for potential customers automated to wedding planning.

Madhur Milan caters to the matrimonial requirements in India and they are proud to have personalized automated service providing in the field of having a very large data based on the prospectus of matrimonial and attaining into their services, delivering the best and exclusive specialized type compatibility and personal assistant when required. For any questions regarding their services, Madhur Milan is always exceptionally providing a detailed assessment of insights and provides a better answer and also assist in service related to specific areas. Many frequently asked questions related to attune services are-

Q. Price and packages at madhur milan?

Madhur Milan has provided charges at a very reasonable rate, however, if expenses incurred to provide extensive services outside the specific area then the charges would completely be different and also with the members in actual. Their charges are very reasonable compared to other matrimony websites. They have wide range of services providing relevant and compatible solution attending to every small need of customers and the valuable clients.Madhur Milan also provides catering, catering is their basic features.


Improviser secure environment and also available for providing all the information of the partner and also personal information ,can get all the details by clicking to Madhur Milan.com. All the information are secured and safe with Madhur Milan.com, services are provided for both online and offline so that the client requirements are fulfilled. Madhur Milan has ever since has tried their best in regard to providing a better and perspective spaces to both the partners. This matrimonial provide a platform also for the bachelors and for their parents so that they can create a profile registered themselves with the matrimonial site which is very secure and safe ,on keeping their information highly confidential. Privacy and safety is one of the top priorities of Madhur Milan and attending to the needs of both the partners.

Madhur Milan has displayed on the site with commitment which are very accurate, there are information collected from the client and kept as the privacy and confidential so that whenever required you can proceed further with that information as per your consent while submitting the information it has always been making sure that your consent and the valuable information will be provided to the other party. And this information are very accurate and secured.

 Functions of Madhur Milan

Madhur Milan has the genuineness and the information they submit are very true without any misrepresentation or the company is not responsible for any legal process of information if it is shared to any members of the other party. The information data collected from the members for Madhur Milan  are always secured ,whenever required with the due permission of the members those information are given to proceed with the further endeavors.


In order to knock at the right door, it is always important that you go for reliable and secured search information which provides details of the person. All the matrimonial profiles on marriage bureau are single; therefore, it is very necessary that the profiles match with  the right person and for the perfect life partner. There are also services for online and offline matrimonial so that whenever there is a requirement they can choose the right service with different prospects and different plans. Madhur Milan a matrimonial event provides a very secure platform for all the parents and all the partners by interacting with them and getting the registration of members. It is one of the best sites which has reliability and perspectives for a better future.

Q. Safety and security of confidential data?

Madhur milan help ensured that all the important private and confidential consent of authorization are relevant and that matches with the details of the clients hence try to provide and obtain the right consent and authorization before they share the details with all the customers.

Another  Matrimony site is Madhur Milan.com the platform  for this  is safe and 100% secure and authentic way of celebrating your wedding. There are authentication process of dealing with the members who use the  number and inputs are stored in the data matching with the individuals so that the other party also has their number registered and in the website.it is an inspiration website creating accounts of many people and those try to browse the website and find the exact match sharing the same interest and the hobbies. Meanwhile, the other person gets attracted and then informs the families and members about their affair where the matrimonial site helps to find the real prospect in their life.

Madhur Milan has given many opportunities through this website of Madhur Milan to get connected with different individuals. There are many successful and numerous stories of Madhur Milan, getting connected through Madhur Milan. Madhur Milan has a diversified creativity in matchmaking, they have safe and secure information which helps them in providing the right information to the right individual and their family members.

This website assistant getting the right potential partners and for providing services inviting members for matchmaking. We at madhur milan provides personalized services, total confidentiality, and matchmaking. Madhur milan keeps  all the personal details sharing the authorization of the perspective, the privacy is their utmost priority, Madhur milan also caters a perfect life partner based relationship within a certain expectations.

Providing assistance in finding the right and the best matchmaking with their status and social standard. The standard match with the perspectives, therefore a set of professionals are required for catering to the sophisticated requirements of the client.


Madhur milan has a huge database for the bride and the groom. They successfully match the profile while registering the clients through their website. The registration is free and very simple; you can have a huge database for all the community that matches the profile across India with sophisticated and high standard client. Team members, however, try their best to provide the best Matrimony to the other client so that it matches with their level and the standard of living. The databases are kept in a safe and secure way so that whenever required they can provide with the best accurate information to the reliable customers.

Madhur Milan has always tried their best to organize successfully matrimonial events and they also continue to organize events for many families. And this makes them one of the best Matrimony websites in India regarded and recognized as one of the specialist in the industries for matchmaking. They always continue with the hard work and always try to remain on top becoming the most eventually best matrimonial site in India.